Major Annoucement

  • Announced during the GTC keynote by NVIDIA co-founder, Jensen Huang, Exxact will be offering workstations optimized for data-science, along with being one of the partners.

What We Showcased

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019 has now come to an end and a lot happened during this jam-packed week. At GTC 2019, visitors explored and gained knowledge needed to transform the future of artificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and more. GTC 2019 attracted developers, researchers, and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research firms and government agencies from around the world. The event showcased some of the most vital work in the computing industry today and displayed some of the technological advancements that will pave the way for our future.

During GTC, Exxact exhibited some of our newest NVIDIA® GPU-based developments for HPC, Life Sciences, Deep Learning, Visualization and more. As an NVIDIA NPN Elite Partner, we pride ourselves in developing some of the most robust, affordable and efficient NVIDIA GPU-powered systems that are strictly catered to each one of our customers.

In case you missed us, here are the highlights from our exhibition.


Sitting at the center of our booth was the NVIDIA HGX-2, powered by NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU’s and NVSwitch.

Exxact’s Deep Learning Workstation

On the far right of our booth, we had our deep learning workstation powered by 4x NVIDIA QUADRO RTX8000 GPUs.

Deep Learning Inference System

On the far left of our booth, we had our Deep Learning Inference System powered by 8x NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs.

Our Booth

NVIDIA’S Announcements

  • NVIDIA’s Omniverse: open collaboration platform where artists and game developers can work simultaneously in a single workflow. Sort of like a Google Docs for real-time 3D graphic design.
  • CUDA-X AI: end-to-end platform that combines all NVIDIA libraries into one bundle to streamline and accelerate data science workflows by as much as 50 times.
  • Jetson Nano: a 70 mm x 45 mm SoC that delivers robotic capabilities in planning, perception, and reasoning.
  • RAPIDS/DATA SCIENCE: RAPIDS is now integrated with Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, making it easier for data scientists to leverage RAPIDS for their end to end data science workflows and analytics pipelines within the Databricks machine learning environment.
  • T4 Server: NVIDIA T4 enterprise GPUs supercharge the world’s mainstream servers. With CUDA-X acceleration libraries and the NGC-Ready program, these servers are validated to run the full range of accelerated workloads.
  • NVIDIA RTX Server: highly configurable reference architecture that brings GPU accelerated rendering and virtualized desktops to the data center, built and validated by leading system vendors.
  • GRAPPA: (GRID Reference Architecture Partner Program Accelerator).
  • AI Software: Automatic Mixed Precision (AMP), Tensor Core Optimized Examples, Transfer Learning Toolkit, TensorRT 5.1, TensorRT Inference Server 1.0.

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