Exxact Docker Toolkit (ExxDTK)

Exxact Docker Toolkit (ExxDTK) is a command line program that allows developers, engineers and scientists the ability to perform basic to complex system tasks. The toolkit is a simple but affective utility that we have created to customize functionality using docker commands. This makes the process for executing commands much easier, better and faster.

What’s in the Toolkit:

Toolkit includes a command line menu for:

docker system toolkit 4

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Its really easy to use:

Here are a few examples to show how it works:

  • To run the tool, simply execute the script “exx-dkrtk.sh”

docker system toolkit 6

  • This will bring up a menu of tasks to choose from. To execute a task simply choose the menu number
    In this example we will select “1.” that shows the Docker Version. When the tool executes your request you will be shown the Docker version.

docker system toolkit 2

  • To return to the main menu, Press the [Enter] key. Where you can choose to perform a different tasks such as “Show Docker Containers”, “Run Command Inside  Docker Container”, and even ”Search Docker Hub Registry”. To search the Docker Hub Registry, for example, choose menu option “12”.

docker system toolkit 1
  • You will be asked to enter a search pattern such as “nginx”. After entering your search pattern, press enter and the tool will search Docker Hub for your container image.

docker system toolkit 5
  • Even if you’re just interested in the commands, we’ve included a basic “Cheat Sheet” as a quick reference guide while using Docker in the real world. The cheat sheet can be seen choosing menu option “18”.

docker system toolkit 3


Whether you are new to Docker or experienced, we’ve created a tool to make it easy for you to create and manage containers and images and no installation is required.

The tool comes with any Exxact Machine Learning Image Package.

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