Save $20,000 OFF the NVIDIA DGX Station

For a limited time only, save $20,000 OFF the NVIDIA® DGX Station and purchase for only $49,000! In addition, we are also adding in our leasing option for as little as $17/day!

The computing power that is being demanded by modern AI and deep learning is driving the higher need for supercomputing workstations. NVIDIA DGX Station, world’s first personal AI supercomputer, combines four of the world’s most advanced data center GPUs, NVIDIA Tesla V100, to deliver 500 teraFLOPS of deep learning performance. This is equivalent to the power of 400 CPUs from the convenience of your desk.

NVIDIA DGX Station Highlights

  • Shorten deep learning training runs, iterate faster, get insights sooner, and improve productivity
  • Experience the flexibility of the latest 32 GB V100 GPUs, being able to freely experiment without limited memory
  • Release AI development with readily available compute that can handle any deep learning workload
  • Drive faster results with the latest, fully optimized deep learning software and NVIDIA Tensor Cores for (maximum) performance

Additional Details

  • This limited time offer is ending October 28, 2018.
  • May not be combined with other promotions.

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