“World’s Most Powerful Desktop GPU”

NVIDIA announced today the new powerful TITAN RTX graphics card, powered by the award-winning Turing architecture. NVIDIA claims the TITAN RTX to be the “world’s most powerful desktop gpu” and the fastest PC graphics card ever built.

The brand new graphics card, also referred to as the T-Rex, delivers 130 teraflops of deep learning performance and 11 GigaRays of ray-tracing performance.

TITAN RTX Specifications

Designed for a variety of computationally demanding applications, TITAN RTX provides an unbeatable combination of AI, real-time ray-traced graphics, next-gen virtual reality and high performance computing. It delivers:

  • 576 multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores, providing up to 130 teraflops of deep learning performance.
  • 72 Turing RT Cores, delivering up to 11 GigaRays per second of real-time ray tracing performance.
  • 24GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory with 672GB/s of bandwidth — 2x the memory of previous–generation TITAN GPUs — to fit larger models and data-sets.
  • 100 GB/s NVIDIA NVLink can pair two TITAN RTX GPUs to scale memory and compute.
  • Incredible performance and memory bandwidth for real-time 78k video editing.
  • VirtualLink port provides the performance and connectivity required by next-gen VR headsets.

Side-by-side Graphics Cards Specifications

Built for AI Researchers and Deep Learning Developers

The brand new TITAN RTX will be geared towards AI researchers, deep learning developers, and data scientists due to its large amount of memory.  TITAN RTX provides multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores for breakthrough performance from FP32, FP16, INT8 and INT4, allowing faster training and inference of neural networks. It offers twice the memory capacity of previous generation TITAN GPUs, along with NVLink to allow researchers to experiment with larger neural networks and data sets.

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