Quadro Sync II Board

NVIDIA has released the new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II (MPN: VCQPSYNC2-KIT) for its next generation Pascal-based Quadro graphics cards. Combining a Quadro Sync with a Quadro graphics card and NVIDIA Mosaic technology allows for artifact fee massive displays as well as a unified desktop, a seamless image, projector overlap, bezel correction, desktop management, and stereoscopic 3D.

The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II card can synchronize the output of up to 4 NVIDIA Quadro GP100, P6000, P5000, or P4000 cards.  Two Quadro Sync II cards can be connected to synchronize up to 8 GPUs per system to provide up to 32 synchronized displays per system.

It is important to remember that the Quadro Sync II is required by Pascal GPUs and is not backward compatible with NVIDIA Maxwell-based Quadro cards.

Key features:

  • Synchronize up to 4 Pascal GPUs per card
  • Can connect 2 Quadro Sync II cards together in a single chassis
  • Synchronize up to 8 Pascal GPUs in a single chassis to provide up to 32 synchronized displays or projectors per system
  • Stereoscopic Display Support
  • Projector Overlap Support
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Support

Connecting multiple Quadro Sync II cards:

  • The Pascal Quadro Sync II features five 1.27mm pitch, male headers.  Four are used to connect to up to four GPUs (framelock signals) and the remaining header can connect to another Quadro Sync II board (P2061).
  • Flexible cables are provided to connect the headers to the GPU boards and to another Quadro Sync II board (P2061).
  • When installing, you need to cross connect two sync boards.  It doesn’t matter which port you use because the driver and FPGA will auto map out the uplink connector to any port that is used.
  • If the sync cabling appears different, that is because it changed away from the “SLI” type gold finger connector.  It is now a tiny pitch cable similar to the first gen Quadro Sync.

What’s included in the box:

  • NVIDIA Quadro Sync II board
  • Four 12” (30.5 cm) Sync to GPU or Sync to Sync connector cables
  • Two 24” (61 cm) Sync to GPU or Sync to Sync connector cables
  • Software installation disc for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (64- and 32-bit)
  • Printed Quick Start Guides for Quadro GP100 and Quadro Sync II

The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II card is compatible with the following Pascal GPUs:

Pascal-based Video Wall Kits / Bundles:

The new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II enables flexible and scalable deployment of ultra-high resolution display systems. Some use cases for visualization and presentation solutions using Quadro Sync include:

  • Powering up to 32 4K-display broadcasting video wall for on-air display with just one system
  • Creating a flight simulator that can move from HD resolution to four-input 4K projectors with the same-size visualization cluster
  • Making a stereoscopic 3D display wall for a research lab while utilizing up to 32 displays with just one system

For questions or inquiries regarding the new NVIDIA Quadro Sync II for Pascal, please contact our sales here.