LAMMPS Patch Release Overview

Changes since the patch release 20 November 2019:

  • More flexible handling of certificates in KIM package (Yaser Afshar, UMN) PR #1794
  • Expose LAMMPS neighbor lists to the library interface and to the Python wrapper (Richard Berger, Temple U) PR #1674
  • Addition of oxRNA2 model for RNA to the USER-CGDNA package (Oliver Henrich, Strathclyde U) PR #1772 , PR #1804 , PR #1812
  • New compute snap command to support training SNAP package potentials (Aidan Thompson, SNL) PR #1779 , PR #1796
  • New pair style lj/cut/tip4p/long/gpu for the GPU package (Vsevolod Nikolskiy, Vladimir Stegailov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow) PR #1776
  • Build the documentation directly from .rst files. Various updates to the process and integration of formula as direct rendered graphics via MathJAX (Richard Berger, Temple U) PR #1786
  • Updates, bugfixes, and new examples for the SPIN packages (Julien Tranchida, SNL) PR #1771
  • Multiple updates and bugfixes to the USER-INTEL package (Mike Brown, Intel Corp. and Axel Kohlmeyer Temple U), PR #1813
  • Detect parallel NetCDF when building with CMake (Johannes Hörmann, Uni Freiburg) PR #1819
  • Updates and fixes to the GPU package including some memory leak fixes (Trung Nguyen, Northwestern U) PR #1752 , PR #1807
  • Updates to the KOKKOS package (Stan Moore, SNL) PR #1803 , PR #1816
  • Updates to fix rigid variants to support adding gravity to overlapping extended particles (Dan Bolinteanu and Steve Plimption, SNL) PR #1801 , PR #1823
  • Updates, extensions, and improvements to the USER-MEAMC package (Sebastian Huetter, Otto van Guericke U and Sungkwang Mun, MS State U) PR #1798
  • Updates and bugfixes to fix bond/react (Jake Gissinger, UC Boulder) PR #1795
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements (multiple authors) PR #1784, PR #1787, PR #1792, PR #1802, PR #1806 , PR #1783 , PR #1824 , PR #1817 , PR #1825
  • Fixes and updates to the documentation (multiple authors) PR #1789, PR #1787, PR #1800

No known backward compatibility issues.

This release has 2 assets:

  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)

Visit the release page to download them.