The Personal Supercomputer for Leading-Edge AI Development

Jumpstart and accelerate your deep learning deployments with our exclusive deal on the NVIDIA DGX Station. We are offering a special promotional price of $49,900 for your first DGX Station purchase now through April 29, 2018.

Experience the benefits of the DGX Station, the world’s first personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI deployment. Built on the same software stack powering all NVIDIA DGX Systems, DGX Station gives researchers the fastest start in deep learning and data science. Simply plug it in and power it up for immediate productivity that lets you experiment at your desk and extend your work across all DGX Systems and the cloud.

The NVIDIA DGX Station packs 480 TeraFLOPS of performance, with the first and only workstation built on four NVIDIA Tesla V100 accelerators, including innovations like next generation NVLink™ and new Tensor Core architecture. This groundbreaking solution offers:

  • High-speed interconnect 200 GB/s per GPU, 5x increase in I/O performance over PCIe-connected GPU’s with NVIDIA NVLink technology
  • 3x the performance for deep learning training, compared with today’s fastest GPU workstations
  • 100x in speed-up on large data set analysis, compared with a 20 node Spark server cluster

Productivity That Takes You from Desk to Data Center

NVIDIA DGX Station includes the same software stack found in all DGX solutions. This innovative, integrated system includes access to popular deep learning frameworks (CaffeTensorflowTheanoTorch, etc.), updated monthly, each optimized by NVIDIA engineers for maximized performance. It also includes access to NVIDIA DIGITS™ deep learning training application, third-party accelerated solutions, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK (e.g. cuDNN, cuBLAS), CUDA® toolkit, fast multi-GPU collectives NCCL, and NVIDIA drivers.

For full details on how you can receive this special promotional price of $49,900 for the DGX Station, contact our sales department here.