Deep learning is one of the fastest-growing areas of the machine learning field and a pivotal area of computing innovation. At Exxact, we develop deep learning solutions, featuring NVIDIA GPU technology, for developers to get started with deep learning research.

Our appliances are used in the research community to help solve big data problems such as speech recognition, natural language processing, life sciences, and neural machine translation.

More recently, we’ve also written about neural networks for music and deep learning image recognition.

We recently updated our GPU-accelerated deep learning software to boost research and training performance. The new updates will help improve deep learning projects and product development work by creating more accurate neural networks through faster model training and more sophisticated model design.

Our Deep Learning appliances now come with the following software:

• NVIDIA Digits v3

• Caffe

• Torch

• Theano

• BIDMach

• cuDNN v4

• Open CV v3.0

• NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 7.5

All Exxact deep learning appliances also feature an automatic software update tool to push future software updates as they are released! With the most up-to-date preinstalled deep learning software, combined with the world’s best hardware and systems engineering, Exxact delivers turn-key solutions ready to provide maximum performance for deep learning research.


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Deep Learning Solutions