We’re excited to announce that Exxact will be the official launch partner for the NVIDIA® DGX-1™. At GTC 2016, we got a first look at the unveiling of the NVIDIA DGX-1, the world’s first deep learning supercomputer to meet the unlimited computing demands of artificial intelligence. Exxact and NVIDIA will be partnering to distribute the supercomputer to data scientists and artificial intellgience (AI) researchers alike.

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The new NVIDIA DGX-1 will feature up to 170 teraflops of half precision (FP16) peak performance, 8 Tesla P100 GPU accelerators with 16GB of memory per GPU, 7TB SSD DL Cache, and a NVLink™ Hybrid Cube Mesh. Packaged with fully integrated hardware and easily deployed software, it is the world’s first system built specifically for deep learning and with NVIDIA’s revolutionary, Pascal™-powered Tesla® P100 accelerators, interconnected with NVIDIA’s NVLink™. NVIDIA designed the DGX-1 to meet the never-ending computing demands of artificial intelligence and claims it can provide the throughput of 250 CPU-based servers delivered via a single box.

The system features a software stack that includes major deep learning frameworks such as the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, the DIGITS™ GPU training system, drivers and CUDA®, meant for rapidly designing deep neural networks (DNN). Additionally, owners of the DGX-1 system will have access to cloud management services for container creation and deployment, system updates, and an application repository. Combining the Pascal-powered Tesla GPUs and the included software stack enables applications to run an estimated 12x faster than with past GPU-accelerated solutions.

The DGX-1 system is the newest addition to Exxact Corporation’s extensive selection of deep learning solutions such as the Tensor TXR414-1000R, an innovative 10 GPU peer-to-peer 4U solution and the Spectrum TXN003-0128N, a deep learning workstation fitted with optional water cooling options. All Exxact deep learning GPU solutions are powered by leading hardware, software, and systems engineering with fully customizeable options to fit your needs.

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