We’ve put together the definitive eBook for deep learning to get you started today.

Deep Learning is everywhere, if your company hasn’t started considering using deep learning, you may be feeling like you’re missing out. While it can seem overwhelming as to where to start on this journey, we’ve outlined some pointers and guidelines in this eBook to give you the knowledge you need to get started, and if you’ve already started, some good industry knowledge and metrics you can use to navigate this nascent industry. Furthermore, this ebook is jam packed with sources of information, curated from our years of experience in developing world class systems for some of the top A.I. researchers & institutions.

ebook for deep learning

Table of Contents: What you’ll walk away with

  • Training and Deploying Neural Network Models
    • Training Considerations for Deep Learning
      • 6 Things to Consider When Starting a Deep Learning Initiative
    • Deep Learning Frameworks Overview
      • What is a Neural Network?
      • Common Types of Neural Networks
      • Popular Frameworks & Libraries
      • Essential Steps for Training Your Deep Learning Model
    • How will the Model be Deployed?
      • Model Deployment Cycle
      • Deployment Methods
  • Cloud vs On Premises Deep Learning Environments
    • How to Properly Evaluate Your Compute Needs
      • Cloud vs On-Premises
      • How Many GPUs Will You Need?
      • Road Map from Entry-Level to Data Center
      • What Type of Storage do I Need?
      • What Role does the CPU play?
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Air-Gapped Deep Learning Training Environments
  • Flexibility of Systems
    • On-premises system vs cloud
  • Cost Analysis
    • Cloud vs On Premises Price Comparison

Here’s an example of what we’ll explore in this Deep Learning eBook

Deep Learning ebook

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Learn more about the hardware, software, best practices, common questions, and more. Also, let us know if you have any questions, or if there are certain topics you’d like to see us cover in this deep learning ebook.

ebook for Deep learning