Introducing Snap It, powered by Exxact’s deep learning solutions and framework.

Tracking your food intake has never been simpler. With Snap It, you will simply need to take a photo of your food to receive insights such as calorie information, serving size, and more.

Dr. Edward Lowe, senior data scientist behind Snap It’s technology, partnered with Exxact to develop the necessary deep learning framework to quickly process hundreds of thousands of images. Exxact’s engineers configured a dual Intel Xeon, featuring four NVIDIA Maxwell-based GPU accelerators that allow for optimization to larger networks and datasets. This will result in improved image processing with immense accuracy and speed. In layman’s term, this will allow for the tool to recognize and associate items to image patterns in the database with improved precision as more and more people use the application.

In the case study you will learn about:

  1. How deep learning contributes to improving essential aspects of life such as every day health and nutrition
  2. What goes into creating an app that calculates calories and nutrition based on a photo snapped by your smartphone
  3. The process of developing and training a deep learning framework to calculate calorie values based on hundreds of thousands of images

Find out more about the technology here.