Deep Learning Studio 2.0

Deep Cognition recently announced their update for Deep Learning Studio dubbed “Deep Learning Studio 2.0”. With this update, they have announced that Deep Learning Studio is now free of cost and without limitation to AI developers worldwide.

Here is a list of some cool new features:

Improved Visual Interface to Design Deep Learning Models

The deep cognition team has further improved the Deep Learning Studio visual interface to make it even easier to develop and train deep learning models:

Preconfigured Deep Learning Development Environment

In addition to the drag and drop interface, developers now have the ability to use all popular deep learning frameworks to develop deep learning models. There is no hassle of installation, all development environments are preconfigured and tested by us. You just click and launch web-based IDE and terminal.

Deploy as REST API and/or a Functioning Web Application

Either deploy your trained deep learning model on the local machine or remote machine (SSH) with a single click.

Deploy as REST API with Single Click

Deployed Web Application

Model Deployed as REST API

Manage Deployed Models

Model and Hyperparameter Comparison

Now it is easier than ever to track your changes in the model with the new model/hyperparameter comparison feature. You can get full visibility into what changes made the difference in results.

Model Comparison

Hyperparameter Comparison

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