Intel Chipset X299

To take advantage of Intel’s new Core X-Series processors, a motherboard with an X299 chipset is needed. A chipset bridges components, such as storage, graphics card, RAM, and processor together. This allows different areas of the motherboard to communicate with each other. Chipsets have sets of rules that motherboard manufacturers follow. The X299 chipset improves existing features on earlier chipset models and also introduces new technologies as well. Some of the technologies available with the X299 chipset are Intel Optane Memory support, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, Intel Smart Response Technology, Intel Rapid Storage Technology for PCI Storage, Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O, and Intel HD Audio Technology.

Socket R4 LGA-2066

The socket on a motherboard determines which processors are compatible. Intel Core X-series processors require an LGA-2066 Socket, which are available on X299 motherboards. The number in the socket description defines the number of pins the socket can handle. In the case of the X299 motherboard, it supports processors with 2066 pins.

Processors available for X299 motherboards

Intel Core X-Series processors can be used in X299 motherboards. They start from the i5-7640X (4 cores/4 threads) up to the i9-7980XE (18 cores/36 threads). Below is a full list of compatible processors:

Image result for Intel x-series comparison chart

Intel Optane Technology support

Motherboards with the X299 chipset now support Intel Optane Memory technology. With the use of non-volatile 3D XPoint Memory Media and Intel’s system memory, storage controllers, interface hardware, and software enhancements, it is the fastest-performing storage device for consumers. More information is available here: “Understanding Intel Optane Technology“.

Maximum of 24x PCI Express 3.0 Lanes

One of the newest features of the X299 chipset is the mandatory PCI Express revision 3.0 along with the jump to 24x PCIe lanes (from 8x in the previous standard). This enables the addition of M.2 PCIe memory (including Intel Optane), which are faster than SSD’s.

Other notable changes

When compared to the previous X99 chipset, here is a list of changes with the X299:

– Quad-channel DDR4 memory support (when using processors with 6+ cores).
– 8x SATA ports vs. 10x in the previous model.
– 14x USB ports, with 10x of those being USB 3.0.

Exxact solutions with the X299 chipset

Exxact’s solution lineup featuring the X299 chipset include the Tensor TS4-1642572Tensor TS4-1642595Tensor TS4-1642646Tensor TS4-1642659Tensor TWS-1642706Valence VWS-1542881, and the Valence VWS-1642788. The Intel Core X-Series processors and X299 chipset can also be found in Exxact’s newest Deep Learning solution, the Valence VWS-1542881-DPN.